Thai Organic 100% Extra Virgin Pure Coconut Oil 

✅ 100% Pure Cold Pressed

✅ Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

✅ Made from 100% real coconut

✅ Cold extraction technology

✅ Chemical free, clean, safe, and able to eat

✅ Naturally remain coconut scent, taste, and beneficial properties

✅ Rich of antioxidants and medium chain fatty acids.

✅ Helps’ build immunity, moisturized skin, and nourish dry hair to be soft and skinny.

? High Lauric Acid

? No Trans Fat

? No Chemical

? Non-GMOs

  • Apply on your skin and hair for nourishing
  • Take 1-4 tablespoon/ day before or together with your meals
  • Be ingredient of your favorite food, dessert, and drink
  • Swish around in your mouth for 15 minutes, then spit it out